What is to snub? How to use it?

Most football players greet fans to thank them for visiting after the match. But, Cristiano Ronaldo of Manchester United sometimes omits it and hurries off the football stadium when the match is not good enough for him. This is why he is criticized for snubbing fans.

Snub is to insult someone by not giving them any attention or treating them as if they are not important: (https://dictionary.cambridge.org/)

Verb Snub is to ignore. Retrospectively, there’s a very similar situation in my experience. One day, when I was walking on the street, someone was coming toward me. I realized that the man had been my acquaintance at work. So, I greeted him, but he passed by me without saying hello. ‘This is snub’. I thought he snubbed me at the time. But now, I think he was lost in thoughts without recognizing me.