Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #1 review

This is my first comics from Marvel Unlimited. Why did I first try this? Because Marvel Unlimited recommended this for the beginner.

Spider-Man is familiar to me as most adults watched over one Spider-Man movie, I already watched some Spider-Man movies.

But I’ve never read Marvel comics. This is officially beginning and reading in English as well.

Ultimate Spider-Man #1 review
Ultimate Spider-Man #1 review


My first feeling about ultimate Spider-man is darker and more gloomy reality than what I watched in the movie. The drawing style is not pretty and old. Peter Parker is bullying and his character is darker. Anyway, he got contact with the spider and got to have power. The last scene which he was crawling upside down on the ceiling like a real spider is very impressive.

PS. To Marvel Unlimited beginners, I watched this on my iPad mini. It is uncomfortable for me because I had to zoom in and out repeatedly. I will recommend iPad.