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Tteok-bokki (Stir-fried Rice Cake)

Tteok-bokki (Stir-fried Rice Cake) is the word I met today.This is very hot and spicy  food because of gochujang source(red chili paste). Most korean people eat it at snack cart or snack bar or restaurant. It is also called Rappokki in case of including Ramen. Most tteok-bokki includes fish cake(Omuk) as well. People enjoy it with fish cake(omuk) soup.
Caution: you could need some milk to protect your stomach.

tteok-bokki (Stir-fried Rice Cake)
tteok-bokki (Stir-fried Rice Cake)

img source from https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/22/Tteok-bokki_3.jpg
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