Judy Blume’s ‘As Long as We’re Together’ Book: Three Best Friends

On school days, when three people get to be friends altogether, the two are closer than the other one. So, wise people related to this issue say an even number is better than an odd number to establish their friendship. Because it stops the left-out from leaving the relationship.

Why I tell it is the book Judy Blume’s ‘As Long as We’re Together’ which follows the dynamics of adolescent relationships, which is the center of the story. Stephanie in 7th grade has her best friend Rachel. Transfer student Alison joins into two relationships, and they call themselves best friends, even though “best friend” is only one or not, they might not be sure about it.

The novel discovers the tiny troubles of the teen girls from Stephanie’s view. There are best friend rules. They share their secrets but make no secret as best friends. The most important thing is each should be first known when they have some serious issue as best friend rights, not any other friends in the class. But, when some neglects this rule, their relationship fluctuates.

Even though friendship is a key moment of the story the book follows the family issue with the separation of Steph’s parents. There’s Steph’s dialog with Dad or Mom.

The Book is good for English learners because it has a lot of everyday situations you could experience in class and at home.