Crying in H Mart: Korean Food with Mom

We live together with our mom for the young years of our life necessarily until our time starts separately and it is precious even though sometimes we struggle with the time against Mom.

But Michelle Zauner, an American musician, and the writer of the book reminds herself of something food – Korean Food shared with her mom for these times. She realizes these foods with hard times are also precious in hindsight.

In the book, sometimes she has very candid views against related people who appeared in the book as if celebrities like to show off their spoiled, imperfect, and vulnerable lifestyles. Of course, she is the musician whose band is Japanese Breakfast and sort of celebrity. I think something is needed to engage more fans or to draw attention to the book.

Anyway, She is half Korean half American, and the book is around where she stays on the border between America and Korea even though the book is about Mom’s side.

I started the book because I wonder how people describe and express Korean culture and Korean words in native sight. From that perspective of language, It helped a lot.