Kpop sensation Blackpink got 30M subscribers in Youtube

Now Blackpink got 30M subscribers in Youtube. Also their instagram blackpinkofficial follower is 20.8M.

So, Who is the most-subscribed YouTube Music artists?

According to No.1 is Justin Biber who got 46m, No2. is Ed Sheeran who got 41m.

This is Top 10 list. Blackpink is no.10

List of most-subscribed YouTube Music artists

1.Justin Bieber46m

2.Ed Sheeran41m



5.Ariana Grande37m

6.Taylor Swift35m

7.Katy Perry34m





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Red Velvet – Summer Magic Review

Showing off Bouncing and Lively Summer Magic

[EP]Summer Magic – Summer Mini Album

Red Velvet

Release day 08.06.2018.

Genre Dance

Publishing IRIVER

Label SM Entertainment

01. Power Up
02. With You
03. Mr. E
04. Mosquito
05. Hit That Drum
06. Blue Lemonade
07. (Bonus Track) Bad Boy (English Ver.)

Red Velvet was back again after having shown off ‘Red Flavor’ with stinging summer flavor last summer. ‘Power Up’ which is title song is powerful summer song including 8 bit game source and catchy hook for this summer. ‘Mosquito’ is saying one way love like a mosquito. Especially, ‘Hit That Drum’ starting with wave sound, is mixture of familiar and unfamiliar that is combined with their original weird texture and attractive bubblegumish pop sound, which is their strength.  Member JOY made a remark about its samba rhythm and members’ power vocal according to Melon‘s introduction. Personally lyrics line ‘klnatda klnatda klnatda jeogiyo’ is fun. Its lyric is depicting the feeling when someone came across love,  panicked, don’t know what to do. I picked it up as best song of album.

  • Mood: lively, energetic, summery
  • klnatda, its meaning is We got a big problem
  • klnatda is contraction of kn-il-nat-da(pronounced)
  • jeogiyo is word calling someone in Korean.
  • reference:
  • cover image from


10, August, 2018

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