I kind of nailed it

Today the word I've met is I kind of nailed it. I kind of nailed it. Nailed it is to succeed or do something perfectly...

Cutting a cake into four pieces

Today the word I’ve met is cutting a cake into~.   Cutting a cake  I cut a cake into four pieces. I cut into four quarters. I quartered a...

have the balls

Today the word I’ve met is have the balls. Finally somebody had the balls to say it! by Coldplay joke. have the balls is to have courage...

are allowed to

are allowed to : to permit not allowed to Children are not allowed to swim. You are not allowed to park here. Prisoners Should Be Allowed To Vote. 5 things...

set aside

set aside : to save, to put, to keep let's set aside money for retirement. set aside $1.5 million for pensions for volunteer firefighters. set aside money in...

round out

round out is to complete or add it. Let's round out dinner with fresh ice cream. Nice weather will round out this weekend. to round out the...

Whip out your credit card to pay

Whip out meanng: take it out Whip out the sunglasses or the sunnies. Whip out your old pants or summer shorts. Whip out your credit card to pay.    

all the rage

all the rage: slang meaning: very popular Their brand is all the rage. Whose looks were all the rage? cloud computing is all the rage.

having a moment

Today the word I've met is having a moment. Having a moment is to have a time of success or popularity. These days BTS  is having...

salvage a cell phone

Today the word I've met is salvage a cell phone. To salvage is to recover or get back.


You are crabby

hold accountable

save the best for last

make sure