We have various poses to sit.

We have various poses to sit. This is instances to think about.

Sometimes we sit astride a horse or desk.
The pose we squat as we wash our face in Korea is technically not good for our knee.
I like to sit back a chair to relax.
Now she is sitting against the wall to draw a picture.
She leans back against the wall in the chair.
Most Koreans have been adapted to sit cross-legged for long times.
She suddenly has flopped down. I don’t know what’s up to her.
I have plumped down the bed as soon as I caught up on my homework.
He collapsed on(to) a sofa after his first day of new job.

N.Y. 3,000 disease detectives are locating corona infected people for contact tracing program.

Today the word I’ve met is to locate infected people.

locate infected people is find out or discover infected people.

The meaning of locate something or someone is to find out or discover where they are.

She is locating merits in her new job.

He was unable to locate a suitable wedding venue near.

N.Y. 3,000 disease detectives are locating infected people for contact-tracing program.