Pull over

Today the word i’ve met is pull over.

Pull over.

Pull the car over.

Pull over is to stop by the side of the road.

I heard it from amazon Original tv show The Boys.

You’d be better off buying it

Today the word I’ve met is You’d be better off buying ~.
better off is better.
A: What option is better, a house or an apartment?
B: You’d be better off buying an apartment in South Korea.
The cheapest option is not the best option.

You’d be better off going there without your car.

Spilled my guts

Today the word I’ve met is spill my guts.
It’s slang and informal.

Come on, I just spilled my guts.

you’ve gotta give me something.

I heard it from Netflix Originals TV show Wu Assassins.

Spill my guts is to tell the secrets(private parts) or truth or untold stories to someone.

She is getting it off her chest now.
I don’t want to get something(this) off my chest here.
You’ve gotta get it off your chest.



wrung-out towel

Today the word I’ve met is wrung out towel.
I spotted at usatoday’s CROSSWORD puzzle.

Like a wrung-out towel.

 She is wringing out the shirt of her laundries at first. wring out is to squeeze (out)


flip-flopped on the issue

Today the word I’ve met is flip-flopped on the issue.
flip-flop is change their opinion or policy to the contrary.

Politicians are prone to do a flip-flop on many issue for winning an election or after winning an election. They flip-flopped.
He is flip-flopping his stance on the issue.


I kind of nailed it

Today the word I’ve met is I kind of nailed it.

I kind of nailed it.

Nailed it is to succeed or do something perfectly or correctly or impressively.

I heard it from tv show ‘Good Place’.

kind of or sort of is  almost, nearly.  It is used when you describe or explain some situation roughly.

Have you finished those errands?
I kind of(kinda) nailed it.

Cutting a cake into four pieces

Today the word I’ve met is cutting a cake into~.


Cutting a cake 

I cut a cake into four pieces.
I cut into four quarters.
I quartered a cake.

I cut(split) a cake in half.
I cut a cake into layers.



1/2=> one half or a half
1/3=> one third or a third
2/3=> two third
1/4=> one fourth or a quarter

1/5=> one 5th(fifth) or a fifth
1/8=> one eighth or an eighth
1/10=> one tenth