Wear many hats

Today the word I’ve met is Wear many hats.

Wear different hat or Wear many hats is they have or do various job.
I am supposed to wear many hats in my office. 

Rapper, singer, model and dancer, at just 22 years old, Lalisa Manoban wears many hats. (src from vogue.fr)

What are the odds?

Today the word I’ve met is What are the odds?

odds is a possibility which a thing will happen or not.
What are the odds of raining tomorrow? What is the probability it will rain tomorrow?

What are the odds? It is used at unbelievable situation.
He was hit by car twice a week. What are the odds?


Page Turner

Today the word I’ve met is a page turner.

A page turner is so interesting book that you can read it quickly. In other words, you can turn the pages quickly.

Demi Moore’s memoir isn’t exactly a page turner for everyone in Hollywood.

from https://www.eonline.com

star-studded party

Today the word I’ve met is star-studded party.

star-studded party

You gonna throw a party. Many famous pop stars including Rihanna, Adriana Grande, drake, Jay Z and more will attend. The party is star-studded party.

Shall we?

Today the word I’ve met is shall we?


(One girl said to him). Shall we? and (they walk)


I heard it from Elite in Netflix.
I watched English dubbed.

Shall we walk?
Shall we dance?
Shall we eat out dinner?