YG's new girl group, BABYMONSTER, has released its music video teaser. Guess why the center spot is empty in this teaser? Is it supposed to be Ahyeon's place? According to YG Entertainment, s he did not participate in this debut single due to health issues. Fans are looking forward to her return soon. Release Time: 2023.11.27.0AM KST

Can't help thinking

 Today the word I've met is Can't help thinking. I can't help thinking the two is weird couple.

stirred up a hornets’ nest

Today the word I've met is stirred up a hornets' nest. She stirred up a hornets' nest on Friday by saying she was baffled by Shiffrin's decision to skip the combined event. stir up a hornets' nest is to make trouble.


affirmation Wake up in the morning, and you will say loud, "I'm happy", "I'm strong", or "I'm successful". Yes, this action to state firmly is affirmation. Another meaning is to say yes(agree) or support. If Someone gives your children some food, they will make eye contact with you before they eat them. If you don't mind, you will nod in affirmation.


 Today the word I've met is numb. My wireless router was numb. I bought new one in Homeplus.

As if

 Today the word I've met is As if. A: You like that guy? A's girlfriend: As if. As if is never. not really. I heard from deadly class.

shed fear

  driving on the highway Today the word I've met is shed fear. A long time ago my first driving on the high way was a sort of fear. We feel It is difficult to do something for the first time. But As soon as the first time passed, shedding fears of driving on the high way was a piece of cake.
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